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Lyme disease can often become persistent, recurrent, and refractory even in the face of traditional antibiotic therapy. Ideally, treatment of Lyme should be prompt and aggressive to stop the bacteria from spreading. Prompt and aggressive treatment doesn’t always happen and Lyme patients often find themselves with worsening symptoms and a poor quality of life.

Lyme Mexico Clinic offers advanced, effective, and ever-evolving treatments in the realm of apheresis techniques, such as photopheresis, red blood cell exchange (when warranted), plasmapheresis, dendritic cell therapy (vaccines), intravenous detoxification, IV infusions, immune support, and low dose immunotherapy, in conjunction with methodical application of oxidative therapies (ie high dose ozone, intravenous nano silver and UV light).

Additional Therapies & Programs

Ketamine Protocol
Peripheral Neuropathy Protocol
PPK Treatment
Neuroendocrine Optimization
Vitamin Program
Adrenal Support
Methylation Protocol

Immune Enhancing Protocol
Cognition and Memory Aids
Insomnia Treament
Narcolepsy or Hypersomnolence Treatment
Intra-spinal and Joint Infiltration
Detox by Laser Light Beaming
Muscle Gainers
Infrared Biomat

Appetite Regulation
Anorgasmia or Libido Associated Issues
Hydrocolon Therapy
Chronic Fatigue Protocol
Neuropsychiatric Disorders
Methemoglobinemia Syndrome from Antibiotic Use
Bone Marrow Abnormalities or Infiltrative Disease
Nutrition Program
Leaky Gut

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