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PANDAS Protocol

PANDAS Protocol

PANDAS Protocol

Basic steps to deal with PANDAS

  1. Immunotherapy: Lowering auto-antibodies primarily to stop neurodegeneration and neurotransmitter disorders. Plasmapheresis achieves this by massively eliminating corrupt immune complexes, metals, disease and pro-inflammatory mediators. As a result, proliferation of new naive leukocytes occurs, thus immune regulation.
  2. Immunoglobulin therapy: Enhancing antibody production capabilities. Resulting in an increased immune response and modulation.
  3. Treat the active infection: Many times streptococcus is the causative agent, other times it can be TBD, such as Babesia, Lyme or Bartonella, which triggers the already embedded auto immunity. In cases where strep or staph is found, Orbactiv combined with aminoglycoside and oxidative therapies is a good solution.
  4. Removing trigger factors: Stressors, mold, heavy metals, environmental toxics, co-infections
  5. Stem Cells: Also provide immune modulating mechanisms which are only found in the mesenchymal cell. In addition, there are mature SC which have the ability to regenerate the cerebral cortex, thalamus and brainstem.
  6. Neuroregenerative peptide therapy: Peptides: BCP157, Cerebrolysin & Beta Thymosin 4 are capable of neurorejuvenation and remodeling of the CNS.
  7. Overcome Adrenal insufficiency or iatrogenic Cushing syndrome: Growth hormone can serve as an effective method to decrease elevated cortisol; betabloquers will counter act adrenaline surges. Restoring DHEA levels promotes important improvement both physically and immunologically.

The genetic predisposition for autoimmunity can be altered for better or worse. For better would involve stopping the triggering factors, immune regulating, eliminating inflammation and stimulating a proper immunological response. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about our PANDAS protocol.

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