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Our clinic is the first of its kind to put together personalized lyme disease treatment approaches from all over the world that have proven to be effective by scientific research and clinical reports.

Dr. Omar Morales believes that this multidisciplinary approach gives the patient the opportunity of achieving remission. Lyme Disease, as some of you may know, has clear pathways to inhibit its host from getting better. It is the eradication of these bacterial pathways and the enhancement of the patient’s immunological system that ultimately help achieve higher success rates.

The ultimate determining factor of lyme disease treatment success is identifying the appropriate treatments to combat the aggressiveness of the bacteria and the underlying genetics of the host. Even though people have the same disease, each person is not going to be affected the same way. It also doesn’t mean that one will get better from the same treatments as another because the genetic makeup of each subspecies will determine the behavior of the infection, and ultimately the damage it will cause the host. If the host has genetic deficiencies and external factors that aid the infection, ie. mold, environmental intoxicants, heavy metals, deletion of specific chromosomes…this will create an even bigger challenge when exposed to an infection, such as Lyme. In some cases, having Lyme can advance existing conditions – some that may not be imprinted in genetic coding but will activate due to the infection.

All in all, this process delineates the phenomenon of why certain candidates are cured or achieve remission quicker than others who fail to experience success with conventional lyme disease treatments. Regardless of the subspecies’ genetics or the infected person’s inherited pathologies and/or exposure to added factors, it is the combination of conventional evidenced-based medicine from various medical disciplines with complimentary modern medicine that is most crucial during treatment.


 Dr. Morales has traveled to many conferences worldwide to speak about his specialty, novelty treatments and Lyme Mexico Clinic.


We have been very fortunate to have patients who have been kind enough to share their experiences.  Here are a few testimonials.


Lyme Mexico Clinic offers a wide variety of innovative lyme disease treatments from around the world to address each patient’s individual needs.


From Lab Testing to Nutrition Programs, Lyme Mexico Clinic provides a complete program of services to aid in the care of our patients.

Conditions We Treat

In addition to treating Lyme Disease, we also address and treat Lyme Co-Infections and other diseases, from Chronic Fatigue to Mold Exposure.

How It Works

Once you have had your initial phone consult with the doctor and have decided to visit, we will put you in touch with an agent who can assist with accommodations.


We know that getting treatment at Lyme Mexico Clinic is a big decision. We’re here to answer any questions you may have about lyme disease treatment or other services

Puerto Vallarta

We are sure that the wonderful attractions and friendly people in beautiful Puerto Vallarta will aid in your journey to good health.

Dr. Omar Morales

Dr. Omar Morales

Founder of Lyme Mexico Clinic

Dr. Morales developed a special interest in treating tropical diseases with a hematological approach while living in Puerto Vallarta. He is a member of ILADS‘ Board of Directors. While dealing with a challenging case of severe Babesia and other co-infections, Dr. Morales was able to utilize his transfusion medicine background and blood bank resources to implement a novel way of treating this particular patient.  Red cell exchanges proved to be a successful way of eradicating Babesia.  This led Dr. Morales to continue learning and advancing intricate protocols to address Lyme Disease and other co-infections.  Dr. Morales continues to be an active researcher of the renowned Biomedical Center de Occidente as well as contributing to publications (both international and national).  He strongly believes that with effective medical research and analysis, eventually the majority of the healthcare community will agree that to undertake challenge as big as Lyme Disease treatment, a multidisciplinary and integrative approach is the only way.

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Treatment protocols are created based on the patient´s health condition, symptoms, previous treatments, etc., and are only provided after an initial phone/office consult with Dr. Morales.

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