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lyme disease pain management

Pain Management

Lyme Disease Pain Management

Lyme Disease Pain Management Program

Paint management program is dedicated to finding relief for acute or chronic pain. The treatment of pain is determined by the history of the pain, its intensity, duration, aggravating and relieving conditions, and structures involved in causing the pain. In order for a structure to cause pain, it must contain a nerve supply and be susceptible to injury. As a result, stimulation of the structure will cause pain for an individual. All of the pathways that are affected by chronic illness should be assessed to select the best available option depending on the case, the patient’s unique circumstances and ultimate support of the pain management physician. Dr. Felipe Martinez, our Anesthesiologist, has extensive experience with Lyme Disease pain management, being knowledgeable of the most up to date, effective techniques available.

Neural Therapy

NT involves the injection of Procaine (also known as Novocain), a common local anesthetic, into various but very specific areas. Neural Therapy is based on the theory that trauma can produce long-standing disturbances in the electrochemical function of tissues. A correctly administered Neural Therapy injection can often instantly and lastingly resolve chronic long-standing illness and chronic pain.

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