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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I go about scheduling an appointment?

Given the fact that we are located in Mexico, we offer complimentary phone consults for patients who are not local and not able to come in for an office consult with the doctor. If you are interested in scheduling a phone consult please click here.

What is the cost of your treatments?

This depends on the protocol that is suggested by the doctor after a patient’s initial consult. After a complimentary phone consult occurs with the doctor, the patient will receive an individualized suggested treatment plan along with a list of prices for the treatments. We also can provide estimates for a suggested protocol upon request.

What is the length of the treatments?

We recommend a length of stay from 4-6 weeks for each patient if scheduling permits. This is regardless of the treatment plan as it allows the patient to spread out treatments in a relaxed manner. If scheduling does not allow a patient to be able to stay for this amount of time, rest assured we can create a schedule in a smaller time frame – it may just be a bit more intensive per week.

What is your success rate?

Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to measure a success rate because we have cases that are fighting very aggressive infections and multiple infections as well as possible environmental aggregates. In some cases, metabolic/methylation and genetic issues are added to the problem. If you compare the success with these groups of patients versus the ones that are only visiting us for Lyme disease without additional issues, then you will find yourself with data that does not accurately reflect the results.

One also has to put into consideration the fact that one thing is the infection and symptoms, and the other component is the degeneration or neuro-degeneration of the human body and organs. In some cases, even if we get rid of the infections completely, there can be damaged cells and tissues which will can still be a problem to the patient- i.e. MMN and CRPS. In these cases, the doctor sometimes has to resort to creative measures to help them — such as stem cells, phosphatidylcholine or PRP, and the response in each individual is very diverse. However, we are comfortable saying that almost the majority of the cases we have treated have been successful in the sense that some have achieved remission, and others have benefited in their quality of life.

Lastly, we usually get the “bottom of the basket batch of patients,” (as Dr. Morales describes it) meaning that many of our patients exhibit the more difficult cases as they have already seen several Lyme specialists and tried many conventional approaches that ultimately failed. If you put this into perspective, we immediately have a better and higher chance of success due to the fact that the patient has never tried our alternative treatments – the results of which can be much different than the conventional approach (especially when performing treatments in the right order and from different angles at the same time.) Again, this cannot apply to all cases because of what has been explained earlier.

Do you use hyperthermia treatments?

There are various ways to create Hyperthermia, some are triggered by exogenous substances, similar to toxins, or throughout the combination of oxidative agents such as UV light. Others involve a whole body elevation of temperature, all of which proliferate the release of heat shock factors. Among some of its functions is the activation of many members of groups that perform a chaperone function by stabilizing new proteins to ensure correct folding or by helping to refold proteins that were damaged by the cell stress. Other more specific chaperones activate specific immunologic cells that fight infection.

The current most used protocol at LM Clinic for this purpose is the Hyperthermia by Extracorporeal Photopheresis. It allows up to 4 Lts. of the patients’ blood to flow safely many times in a sterile chamber where it is sterilized and heated up by UV-A, UV-C and Gama rays, causing the effect described above. In addition to this, we might combine it with another oxidative therapy, depending on the targeted goal. In order to receive the most effective result, we add a photo sensitizing agent which induc es the bacterial and viral organisms to exposure of their membrane and capside. This ultimately produces the most specific signaling by photoexposure, from which such cyclic molecules absorb a photon, and one of its electrons is promoted into a higher energy, thus, elevating it into SO, a short lived electronically excited stage, followed by apoptosis, a gentle way of destruction.

What are the odds of me needing to stay for longer than I was told?

It is very difficult to predict how one will respond to treatments. Oftentimes, patients will request a day off which will require us to make changes to the schedule. For this reason, we always ask for patients to schedule 4-6 weeks for their stay to ensure plenty of time for the completion of the treatments. If a patient decides to add additional treatments, then additional time may be required as well. It is important to consult with the airline to find out about flexibility/changes made in airfare reservations.

Where are you located?

We are located in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Please click here to learn more about our beautiful city.

Do you have a branch office in the United States?

At this moment, we do not have offices in the United States. However, we often collaborate with doctors in the United States should you need any recommendations for specialists.

Do I need a special permit to stay in Mexico for treatments?

There is no special permit required to stay in Mexico. All one needs is a valid passport. Here is helpful link for travel to/from Mexico: https://www.mexperience.com/mexico-essentials/

Do you have ATM's or American Banks?

There are many ATM machines in Puerto Vallarta. Here is a list of the banks located within the city:

  • HSBC* also located in US
  • Scotia Bank
  • Actinver-Lloyd
  • Banamex Banco def Bajio
  • Bancomer
  • Cibanco
  • Monex
  • Santander
  • Sterling Puerto Vallarta
Do you offer accommodation services?/ Are you an inpatient facility?

We are not an inpatient facility. We work with a leasing agent who has provided lovely condo accommodations for most of our patients. His contact info is:

Carlos Joya

What are your facilities like?

We are located in a brand new facility within the Biomedical Center de Occidente. Please look at our photo gallery for photos of the new clinic.

Do you treat kids?

Yes, we do treat children of all ages. Treatments are tailored to a child’s age, duration of illness and body weight.

Do you treat patients with: Co-infections, PANS/PANDA, Viruses (i.e. Epstein Barr), Nerve Damage, Mastocytosis, Morgellons?
Yes to all.


We treat all of the attending co-infections associated with Lyme Disease. One of the primary treatments we have at LM Clinic is Red Cell Exchange. This has been proven to completely eradicate Babesia (*please see description by clicking on this link). The Dendritic Cell Vaccine has been successful as a treatment for Bartonella.


We work with a 8 steps program:

  1. lmmunotherapy
  2. lmmunoglobulin Therapy
  3. Treat the Active Infection
  4. Removing trigger factors
  5. Removing over -reacting B cells, and regulating the Cell Cycle
  6. Stem Cells
  7. Neuro-regenerative peptide therapy
  8. Overcome Adrenal Insufficiency or iatrogenic Cushing Syndrome

Viruses (i.e. Epstein Barr)

We have an effective anti-viral protocol. Please click here for more info.

Nerve Damage

Cold Laser Therapy is an effective treatment we offer for nerve damage. Please click here for more info.

Mast Cell Activation Orders

Activation of Mast Cells, Mast Cell Activating Syndrome & Mastocytosis are all part of Mast Cell activation disorders. Generally speaking they are the same thing, a condition in which mast cells inappropriately release mediators resulting in a range of chronic symptoms.

MCAS can be related to LYME disease both which conditions Dr. Morales has experience with.

Diagnosis for Mastocytosis is made by PTF12, tested in cold environment by the Mayo Clinic. Metilhistamine and 17Beta prostaglandine D2 Alfa are very important to diagnose Mastocytosis. Also fl8 and 10 and TNF to use as markers. Treatment for diagnosed mast cell syndrome depending on its acting place: Mast cells are in every place, pituitary and all glands.

  • Cromallin (gastocom): Mast cell inhibitor 400 mg twice a day.
  • Ketotifen: second best option for mast cell inhibition.
  • Quercetin: inhibits flavonoids.
  • Curcumin is antioxidant and has some anti-flavinoid effect.
  • Burbur: Stabilizes vascular endothelial cells, less leaky blood.
  • Treat concomitant factors: Mast cell activation can be triggered by inflammation and underlying infections. It is important to determine trigger factors for better results.

To determine a treatment protocol, we recommend scheduling a consult with Dr. Morales to discuss the patient’s medical needs.


Information coming soon.

Do you accept medical insurance as a payment method?

We do not accept medical insurance payment. For more information on payments, please visit our payment information page.

What are your payment methods? Do you take credit card?

We accept bank wire transfers and personal checks as forms of payment. For more information on payments, please visit our payment information page.

Do you test patients for Lyme or other co-infections in your facilities?

Information coming soon.

Should I get a chest port or catheter to have treatments?

We prefer for the chest port or catheter to be installed here. We use the top surgeon in the city as well as an anesthesiologist upon request for sedation. If one already has a PICC line, we suggest keeping it. If the PICC lines is able to handle the treatments, then you will not need a vascular catheter.

Do I need Stem Cell Therapy?

The therapy at the clinic is definitely effective without stem cell therapy as it targets specific complications caused by Lyme Disease. Stem Cell Therapy is used an adjunctive therapy should we determine organ or immune damage, which could be secondary to Lyme.

If I am starting treatment at Lyme Mexico Clinic…

Should I stop my treatments while I am having treatments at the clinic?

This will be discussed with the doctor at your first consult. Do not pause treatments until this initial appointment.

Should I stop or continue my supplements?

This will be discussed with the doctor at your first consult. Do not pause supplements until this initial appointment.

Will I have a special diet?

We always recommend for a patient to follow an anti-inflammatory diet during treatments while here and post-treatment. This diet generally includes:

  • No Gluten
  • Limited dairy
  • Limited poultry – we recommend staying away from red meat and chicken during treatment if possible
  • No sugar
  • Tomatoes
  • Olive Oil
  • Green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, kale, and collards
  • Nuts like almonds and walnuts
  • Fatty fish like salmon, mackerel, tuna, and sardines
  • Fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, cherries, and oranges.
Should I bring special clothes?

The clinic can get a little chilly from the air conditioning so we always recommend bringing a sweater. We provide blankets upon request. We also recommend bringing lightweight and loose clothing to ensure the patient is as comfortable as can be during treatments.

What's the weather like?

Puerto Vallarta is pretty warm and gets especially humid during the summer.

Should I come alone?

We always recommend bringing a companion if possible. Some patients get very tired and weak from treatments and oftentimes need a helping hand. If one is not able to come with another person, we can provide information for a caretaker.

Can I bring my family with me?

Family can come. However, we limit the number of people in the clinic to 2 per patient so please keep that in mind.

What would my schedule be like?

This depends on the doctor’s recommended treatment plan and how long the patient decides to stay. Generally, a patient will spend 2-6 hours a day in the clinic, sometimes returning for evening antibiotic treatments.

Can you pick me up at the airport?

We can provide information for transportation from the airport to the patient’s accommodations. However, we do not personally provide a transportation service yet.

What are the transportation services in Vallarta like?

There are taxis, Ubers and private chauffeur services available for special needs. We would happy to provide this information upon request.

Will it be hard/expensive to find a place to stay?

We have a wonderful leasing agent we work with who finds lovely accommodations for the patients according to their needs and requests – ie. ocean view, proximity to clinic, budget, etc. Working with him makes the process of finding a place very easy and convenient. He can be reached at karlosioya0412@qmail.com or +52 1322150 3127.

Will I be able to find gluten, dairy, sugar-free food?

Yes, there are options at the local market, Commercial, as well as at Walmart, Costco and Organic Select.

Should I have any test done prior to arriving?

This will be discussed during your complimentary phone consult with the doctor.

Will I have a follow up treatment when I am done?

The doctor will provide a post-treatment follow up plan and follow up phone consult 4 weeks after treatment. He will also be available via email and for paid phone consults. However, it must be noted, that the doctor will not be the treating physician in the US once the patient leaves the clinic. He is happy to collaborate with other doctors and answer as many questions as possible.

Where will I get the follow up treatment plan?

This will be be given right after the last office consult on the last day of the patient’s treatments at the clinic. The patient coordinator will review the plan with the patient to ensure everything is understood.

Are you treating patients with antibiotics or Naturopath treatments?

We treat patients with both antibiotics and homeopathic treatments, i.e. homo toxicology. Please see our list of treatments here.

Do you have pain meds?

We can provide pain medicine prescriptions upon request and approval of the doctor. However, please keep in mind that pain medication is very difficult to get in Mexico so if it’s crucial for a patient to have a certain type of medication, we recommend bringing the amount he/she will need for his/her entire stay.

Can you provide more information about ozone protocols?

As far as the ozone protocols offered in our clinic, we perform the following methods of administering:

  • IV
  • Intra-muscular
  • Intra-dermal
  • Intra-peritoneal
  • Rectal
  • Intra-arterial
  • lntrathecal
  • Spinal
  • By arthroscopy
  • Othic
  • Vaginal Insufflation
  • Nasal

Ozone Hemotherapy takes place by the collection of 500 ml, in a sterile bag with anticoagulant proteins which are then mixed with 500 cc of pure ozone at a 70 gammas concentration. This process can be done to the highest daily dose of 2500 cc total mix. Learn more by visiting our Oxidative Medicine page.

What is Auto Immune Immunotherapy?

Auto Immune Immunotherapy is the process in which the immune system is modulated in a way that will benefit the patients condition, by re-educating to a less aggressive state, less erratic and more directed against active infections which have been imperceptible and thus unaffected, due to its deceptive mechanisms provided by the microbe’s chemical mediators. To achieve this we may resource to the use of ECP (Extracorporeal Photopheresis) using UV Light C, to help regulate the immature unaffected uncorrupted white blood cells by photo exposure and immune suppressive agonists that combined of Dendritici Cells stimulation create an effective immune regulatory effect in the primary immune response cells. During this process ozone is administered to promote healthy development of new naive leukocytes.

Photopheresis has been demonstrated to be a very effective immune modulating therapy, it is done by several ways one of which is an auto-immunization against pathogenic T cell clones.

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