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Lyme Disease Center - Lyme Mexico Clinic

Lyme Mexico Clinic

What is Modern Medicine?


As Max Planck stated, “Science progresses not by convincing the adherents of old theories that they are wrong, but allowing enough time to pass so that a new generation can arise unencumbered by the old errors.”

We, at Lyme Mexico Clinic, have done extensive research on successful approaches that work, but believe in constantly evolving these approaches as we learn and collaborate with the world’s best scientists and physicians. Science isn’t perfect and can often fail, which is why we always have to utilize practical understanding and basic scientific knowledge to guide us when issues appear to be overwhelming. This is what sets Dr. Omar Morales and our Lyme Disease center apart – the application of fundamental scientific intelligence and common sense to a modern complex problem.

Fortunately, our geographic location in the lovely town of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico also allows our Lyme Disease center to implement slightly more aggressive approaches and international practices that are not yet available in countries, such as the US, Canada and Australia.

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