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Renata Murez

To Anyone Thinking About Coming to Lyme Mexico!

Come!…You won’t regret it!

If you’re serious about getting well; if you’ve tried everything everywhere else and left with mediocre results; if you’re ready to do whatever it takes to get rid of this disease called Lyme and it’s co-factors – this is the place for you!


Because in 7 short weeks versus the 45 years I’ve been fighting this disease, all my labs are coming back negative, negative, negative…and I’m feeling energetic, curious and full of life at age 65!

And because Lyme Mexico has EVERY known potential treatment under one roof PLUS some therapies you won’t get elsewhere — Plasmaphorsis, Red Cell Exchange, Photoapheesis — for extremely reasonable costs, plus a super detox program to get rid of the die-off, and one of seven Hyperthermia machines in the Americas focussed on eradicating Biofilms.

Most patients I know come here once and don’t come back – they don’t need to!

And a few I know come back briefly once a year, just to make sure the bugs stay away!!!

I highly recommend Lyme Mexico for combatting Lyme!

It and their loving staff and doctors — literally saved my life!

I am eternally grateful!

Lindsey Roark

The staff is dedicated to every patient. I was finally able to find doctors that I can trust. Dr. Morales’s dedication shines when you first meet him. I felt empathy and respect for my body in the presence of him and his staff. I remember my first week I shared my “Anthem” with one of my nurses and we sang at the top of our lungs 4 Non Blondes, What’s Up! I think mom may have recorded it. I had the best care out there. Why I believe in this place is because we came up with a protocol, then hiccups, and Dr. Morales and his team changed and I got better. The bedside manner of his Office Manager to his nurses and his Toxicology doctors (made me a true believer of acupuncture, and I am a hard critic), to his onsite Doctor! Magic team, I called them my Angels! Oh and the lymphatic drain massages are the best, ask the office manager for her name!

Amy Cannon Cooper

I just arrive for treatment and I absolutely adore everyone at Lyme Disease Mexico. I’m so excited, I know this is the best place for treatment for Lyme disease! Everyone here is so incredible. I know God led me here for my healing…..

Kasey Passen

This experience gave me my life back. My program was incredibly intense but every day, every moment of it was supported with encouragement and excelled care by the staff at LDM. Dr. Morales is unlike any doctor I have ever met: wicked smart, sensitive, compassionate and constantly thinking outside of the box (in the best way possible). If you are struggling with Chronic Lyme Disease and have tried everything, I would strongly suggest spending 4-6 weeks in Mexico at LDM. It could be the best game changer that you have been searching for. At least it was for me!

Luana Matthews

I cannot promise you a miracle but my experience was miraculous because finally, after many years, I was seen. That is to say that I was not brushed aside, hushed, nor told to go for mental health but that my life experience (many years of being very ill from childhood into adulthood) was validated with respect,caring and professionalism. After the horrors that I endured, the indignities that I was subjected to from prior medical experiences it was more than a blessing to find this amazing clinic. The staff, nurses and doctors are wonderful and one can feel the passion they hold for truly wanting to help their patients.

Penny Trask

November 2015, our daughter received treatment at Lyme Disease Mexico for 6 weeks. She had been sick for 16 years and her health was beginning to decline very quickly. We believed this was our last hope. Beginning with our first consultation with Dr. Omar and the ensuing treatments, we, for the first time in our journey were listened to and were treated with such compassion. Dr. Omar never stopped researching treatments for our daughter and I believe this and the Grace of God is what attributed to our daughter being symptom free for two years now. She gave birth to a beautiful, healthy girl 8 months ago.

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