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How It Works

Once you have had your initial phone consult with the doctor and have decided to visit LM Clinic, we will put you in touch with an agent who can assist with accommodations.

Upon arrival, you will receive a New Patient Package, Clinic Policies and a Welcome to Puerto Vallarta handout (please download these forms using the buttons below). You will then have an office consult with the doctor.

Safety of procedures, expected results, treatment success and treatment side-effects

With all of the medical procedures around the world, there are always possible risks and hazards that could potentially affect any person in both short and long term. We, at Lyme Mexico clinic, strive to efficiently prepare materials and procedures to prevent these common complicated occurrences. Of course, it is very rare that a fatal complication occurs; however we always have an available trained staff, a specialist as well as an emergency response team if this should occur.

Results will vary from patient to patient depending on several factors associated to each case, such as sub-type of strains, the age of a patient, genetics of the bacterial entity, co-infections, environmental factors associated with the disease, repeated exposure to pathogens, genetic deletions, metabolic deficiencies and other associated or non-associated diseases. Due to all of these possibilities, each patient will receive an array of different results, the large majority of which will undoubtedly result in clear benefits to the patient. In the case of results not being as expected, it is very important that you take these complications into consideration as well as explain in detail your concerns to Dr. Morales so together you can maximize the results of treatments. In the vast majority of cases where patients report dramatic benefits, we often hear of life-changing results with improvements that ultimately lead to remission. However, there is a small but present group of patients that will fail to achieve any substantial and sustained benefits, which is why it is imperative that individual assessment be performed. This last group may still get better by this last assessment since, as stated before, there are some cases with extreme external factors inherent to the treatment success. These factors may also include irreversible tissue damage in the brain, multi focal demyelinating neuropathy or focalized lesions in other organs, or perpetuating symptomatology not associated directly to an active infection. Please make sure you have this checked if it is your case.

In most cases, the most common side effect to treatments is associated to overgrowth of opportunistic bacteria in the digestive system. This is due to the multi-treatment approach that while targets spirochetal activity also takes a toll on the beneficial bacteria. After completion of most of the protocols offered at LDM clinic, there are four basic steps to ascertain success:

  1. Re-establish good bacteria/microbiota
  2. Stimulate Humoral and Cell Mediated Immune Response
  3. Deep detox
  4. Inhibit re-growth of minimal residual disease
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