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Becoming A Patient: Steps to Take - Lyme Mexico Clinic

Becoming a Patient

Despite possible geographic limitations – whether you’re coming from countries like the United States or Canada – we pride ourselves on making the process of becoming a patient at Lyme Mexico Clinic as smooth as possible.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Please email us at info@lymemexico.com stating your name and any information that is relevant to what you are most interested in about the clinic.
  2. Monica Torres, our patient coordinator, will respond to your email asking for forms to be filled out as well as a current medical summary and labs.
    *If you would like to speed up the process, please feel free to download the following form, filling it out and attaching it in your initial email to us.
  3. Once she receives this information, a complimentary phone consultation will be scheduled with Dr. Morales.

**If you would like to skip these steps and would like to make a complimentary phone consult appointment, please click here.

**Please refer to our FAQ section for Frequently Asked Questions that may be able to assist you as well.

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