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You’ve made an appointment with a primary doctor to discuss the possibility that you may have Lyme disease. You have been struggling with negative symptoms for weeks, maybe even months or years. You feel nervous because previous doctors have treated you for these same symptoms but have never associated them with Lyme disease.

But you have done your research and feel confident you have Lyme disease. You prepare for your consultation.


Worst Case Consultation

You show up to your appointment armed with the information you found, your journal where you had documented your symptoms, including when and where they started. You feel prepared.

After waiting for twenty minutes, the doctor comes in and, within 15 minutes, goes over your symptoms, scans your journal, and tells you everything you already know about Lyme disease. He or she may even advise against doing your research, especially researching it on the web.

Several things can happen after this: a Lyme test is ordered, you are put on a round of antibiotics just in case, or you are sent home with advice and medicine to help you cope with the symptoms.

Two weeks later, your test results come back negative, yet you are still having Lyme disease symptoms. Your doctor has no further recommendations because they believe the Lyme test results are accurate.

If any of this is familiar, then you need a consultation with a Lyme Literate Doctor.


What is a Lyme Literate Doctor?

A Lyme literate doctor is a medical doctor specializing in diagnosing and treating Lyme disease in patients in any phase of their Lyme disease, including prevention.

Lyme literate doctors acquire extra education and extra training relating to Lyme disease that goes well beyond what a family practitioner gains in the field.

Many doctors have specialty areas. Some study psychiatry, oncology, gynecology, surgery, and more. Lyme literate doctors study Lyme disease. Not only do they gain advanced knowledge about Lyme, but their clinic is also outfitted with the most modern equipment used to diagnose and treat Lyme disease.

This is not the only thing that will impress you when you meet a Lyme literate doctor for the first time. The consultation process is much more extensive.


What the Doctor Consultation Entails

Consultations, like the ones provided at Lyme Mexico, provide an excellent format for patients. They understand the importance of taking the time to gather the right information before treatment begins. For example, the first step in their process is to get to know the patient.

At the beginning of the consultation, you and your doctor will build rapport and trust by answering and asking questions. The more you learn about one another, the more comfortable you will feel, and the better treatment they can provide.

Lyme-literate doctors will appreciate the journals filled with symptom documentation. If you can bring any past imaging or medical records, these will be reviewed during the consultation.

Next, a brief physical exam will take place to make sure your heart and lungs sound okay, as well as any other areas essential for your Lyme treatment. Your medical history, including your family’s medical history, will also be reviewed. This is important in determining any genetic issues that need to be considered when establishing your treatment plan.

Further, a review of your lifestyle will help your doctor understand if environmental factors make your Lyme symptoms worse. Also, your doctor can make recommendations for lifestyle changes in your treatment plan.

Finally, your Lyme literate doctor will provide you with their treatment recommendations. You will discuss them in detail, and you will be given a treatment timeline should you decide to move forward with the recommendations.

If your doctor is not providing these steps in the initial consultation, it may be time to look for a new doctor.


What to Look For in a Lyme Literate Doctor

Lyme literate doctors serve in multiple ways in associations like ILADS. Some serve as board members, some participate in research, some publish in journals, and some present findings at conferences. The point is, you want a doctor who is doing more for the Lyme disease field.

Other things to look for in a Lyme-literate doctor include modern tools to treat you in their clinic. You want to see proof of their extended studies in the field of Lyme disease. Don’t just look on their walls for certificates. It is okay to ask questions and ask for referrals.

Don’t be afraid to travel outside the United States for your initial consultation. Seek the best, not the closest. Many Lyme-literate doctors partner with doctors inside the US to provide follow-up treatments after the initial consultation.

Finding the best Lyme literate doctor will offer you many benefits.


Benefits of Working With Lyme Literate Doctor

They are aware of new treatments, have the right tools, and have multiple ways to treat Lyme’s symptoms. They can provide an understanding of your struggle that other doctors cannot. And they make diagnosing and treating your Lyme symptoms a priority.

While there are many benefits of working with a Lyme-literate doctor, like the ones listed above, there is only one most important – for you to live a healthy, happy life without Lyme disease symptoms.

A Lyme literate doctor can help you reach this goal. Call today to start your journey of being heard, adequately treated, and healed.

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