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You have overcome the biggest hurdle associated with Lyme disease, getting a diagnosis. Too often, Lyme is misdiagnosed due to disorders that have similar symptoms, or due to a doctor’s lack of knowledge.

Now that you have a diagnosis, and hopefully a new doctor that specializes in Lyme disease, treatment will become a priority.

An important part of treatment begins before you go through any procedures. It starts with understanding. Well, it starts with the doctor ensuring you understand Lyme disease, available treatments, and what you are overcoming.

Know What You Are Overcoming

Lyme disease is a chronic inflammatory disease that can create a deficiency in nutrients, hormonal imbalances, and immune system dysfunction.

These are the major issues your Lyme specialist will start with to help you overcome the disease. However, other issues may present that will need immediate attention. Some Lyme sufferers develop co-infections that can make it difficult to heal.

Because of the many environmental factors we encounter each day, you are susceptible to toxic metals and pollutants that enter the body and disrupt functioning, especially of the immune system. These can lead to nutrient deficiencies at the cellular level.

This can seem like a lot. But every individual’s case of Lyme is different. You may only have one or two of these issues to overcome. And even if you have more, your doctor is prepared to help you overcome every single issue listed.

How will they do this? Keep reading to find out the treatment available that have been proven to work.

Strengthen Your Immune System

Your immune system takes top priority when overcoming Lyme disease. You need it working at full functioning, so you have more ammunition as you move through all the other processes. Your doctor will create a treatment plan that includes improving genetic or lifestyle factors to strengthen your immune system.

Lyme specialists will know about and offer immune modulation and vaccine therapies. These treatments allow doctors to use your own proteins and blood cells to produce healthy ones that can aid in eliminating bad bacteria from tick-born illnesses.

Doctors can also acquire plasma from healthy donors and through an IV, donate them to your body to improve your immune system.

Amazingly, Lyme specialists have techniques that train your immune system to develop a new tolerance that can control allergies and sensitivities.

Before immunotherapies like these are performed, your doctor may want to detox your body from bad toxins.

Detox the Bad

Foreign substances, toxins and heavy metals can make it hard for your immune system to fight off illness. Detoxing your body of these gives your body a chance to heal and do its job. Because your body is struggling, you need help in detoxing it.

With the help of your doctor, you can benefit from body purification protocols performed by the doctor, and protocols you can learn to do at home.

Homotoxicology is a process that helps the toxins bind in a way that allows the body to eliminate them. Chelation is another process of eliminating toxins, as well as lymphatic drainage.

More importantly are the things you can do at home to help in the detox process. You can take steam showers, drink teas and infusions that help with elimination, and occasionally practice coffee enemas. You can also stick with a vegetarian diet to boost your results.

Replace with Good

Detox procedures eliminate everything, the good and the bad.  Because this is so, you need to find ways to replace the good bacteria in your system. If you fail to do this, bad bacteria will continue to build and grow in your system.

Probiotics are one of the best ways to ensure your body is receiving good bacteria that improves your immune system.

Cellular Cleanup

Cleaning your blood and plasma at the cellular level can be beneficial in overcoming Lyme disease. The process is called Therapeutic Apheresis. There are multiple options, including photopheresis, red cell exchange, granulocyte apheresis, and plasmapheresis.

Each of these procedures involve taking out unhealthy cells and replacing them with healthy ones. How amazing is it that physicians have developed ways to literally clean your blood?


Lyme specialists can offer a variety of medications, supplements, nutraceuticals and herbal treatments to help you overcome Lyme disease.

Antibiotics can be offered through IV methods or orally. Other medications used to treat infections include Bitricide, Xifaxin, and Coartem.

Supplements and nutraceuticals are often sold by your doctor and are of the highest, purest quality. Some of the brands to look for in your doctor’s office include Thorne, Nurascience, and Nutramedix.

Other Solutions to Overcome a Lyme Disease Diagnosis

Dietary Changes, as mentioned before, can make a huge difference. Eliminating sugar, which thrives on infections and bacteria, can ease any symptoms you may have.

Lyme specialists often keep an eye on your dental health since a connection between the two has been discovered. Your doctor will also recommend continued testing with tests that are more advanced than the commonly used ELISA and Wester Blot tests.

Because Lyme can affect your hormones, your doctor may recommend hormone replacement therapies to help you cope.

Finally, stress management is key in overcoming Lyme disease. Stress causes inflammation. You are already struggling with inflammation. You do not need more of something that causes pain.

The better you can manage stress, the less inflammation your body will have, the less pain you will feel.

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