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Let’s recap what we’ve learned about Lyme disease treatment in September, shall we?

As we come to the end of the month, we must look at all of our resources that can better support Lyme disease treatment. This means educating ourselves about the three stages of Lyme Disease, to how children’s lives are impacted by Lyme Disease, and to lastly learning about Immune Modulation Therapy, and how it is a beneficial treatment for Lyme patients to explore.

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What Are the Three Stages of Lyme Disease? - Lyme Mexico Clinic

What Are the Three Stages of Lyme Disease?

Most diseases progress in stages. When you hear someone has “Stage 4 Cancer,” that means stages 1 through 3 have come and gone. The same is true for Lyme disease; it moves through stages.

There are three stages, specifically:

      • Early Localized
      • Early Disseminated
      • Late Disseminated

These stages are broken down and detailed in order for you to know what to expect at each stage. But first, some facts about Lyme disease in general.

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The Impact of Lyme Disease in Children - Lyme Mexico Clinic

The Impact of Lyme Disease in Children

If your child is complaining of aches and pains or that their bones are hurting, don’t just chalk it up to growing pains. Their symptoms could be related to Lyme disease.

According to the Center for Disease Control, about 75,000 children under the age of ten in the United States are diagnosed with Lyme disease per year. The number is likely higher if you think about the number of unreported cases or misdiagnosed cases.

If your child enjoys the outdoors, they are at risk of encountering the black-legged tick that carries the bacteria, Borrelia burgdorferi, that leads to Lyme disease. Recent reports this type of tick is now reportedly in all United States.

It’s important to note that not all black-legged ticks carry Lyme disease. For a tick to get Lyme disease, they must have latched on to an animal that had Lyme disease. As they develop, most ticks latch onto small animals and later, latch onto larger animals or humans.

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Immune Modulation Therapy: Treatment for Lyme - Lyme Mexico Clinic

Immune Modulation Therapy: Alternative Treatment for Lyme Patients

When bacteria enter the body and cause an infection, the body produces antibodies that fight off the infection. That is if your body is capable of doing so. If your body is already struggling with a disease like Lyme disease, its ability to create antibodies is hindered.

Researchers are learning more about Lyme disease each year. It was recently discovered that people who have problems eliminating all the symptoms of Lyme disease were found to have had the disease for much lengthier periods than those healed quickly.

This may seem like an obvious statement at first. Still, digging deeper, they found proteins exist on the surface of the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi, the one connected explicitly to Lyme disease. Lyme sufferers who overcome Lyme disease quickly tend only to have this one protein, named VlsE. Antibodies are created, enter the system, and fight off these proteins, killing the bacteria.

With those long-time Lyme sufferers, however, it’s not that easy. The reason? Because the longer the bacteria remain in the system, the bigger the variety of proteins found on the surface of the Borrelia burgdorferi. Meaning, you need a variety of antibodies to fight the variety of proteins.

Because it is hard for doctors to determine which proteins exist, it is hard to create a specific treatment.

That is, until an alternative treatment for Lyme patients was discovered, Immune Modulation Therapy.

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Final Thought

What we’ve gathered here is Lyme disease information – symptoms and treatment  – that can help those affected better live their day to day. To add to this, it’s important to keep in mind of ways to further protect yourself, especially during the time of COVID-19.

This means your doctor should provide you with additional Lyme disease therapies to boost your immune system. The following should be added to your Lyme disease protocols:

The key to getting through COVID19 without Lyme disease complications is working with a Lyme specialist who has extended knowledge and experience working with both Lyme disease and viruses like the Coronavirus. Doing so means you don’t have to fear a rise in Lyme during the pandemic.

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