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Let’s recap what we’ve learned about Lyme disease treatment in November shall we?

As we come to the end of the month, we must look at all of our resources that can better support Lyme disease treatment. This means educating ourselves about alternative therapies to consider for Lyme Disease, everything we need to know about Lyme disease pain management, and to lastly learning why untreated Lyme disease is dangerous.

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Alternative Therapies for Lyme Disease to Consider - Lyme Mexico Clinic

Alternative Therapies for Lyme Disease to Consider

The first and most common go-to treatment for Lyme Disease is antibiotics, lots of antibiotics. For many, a round or two of antibiotics works, especially when caught early in the disease stages.

For others, however, antibiotics alone are not enough.

Fortunately, there are many alternative therapies for Lyme disease that you can consider. These treatments are working to heal Lyme disease in many people worldwide. If your family doctor is not familiar with alternative treatments, you must locate a Lyme literate doctor who not only knows about them but can provide them in their clinic.

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Lyme Disease Pain Management What to Know - Lyme Mexico Clinic

Lyme Disease Pain Management: Everything You Need to Know

Lyme bacteria are called spirochetes. These bacteria are like party animals. They like to travel to different parts, have a good time, wreaking havoc on that location. They don’t give you much warning when or where they are ready to make an appearance.

One week they may gather in your knee joints, causing inflammation so bad it becomes painful when adjusting positions or trying to lift your leg. The next week the spirochetes may travel to your back and neck. You may feel so sore it becomes challenging to move around. Getting out of bed becomes a long, complicated process.

On top of the pain, the spirochetes’ effects can make you feel as if you have concrete tied to your body parts. Your arms and legs can feel heavy, and everything you do is done in slow motion to avoid making the pain worse.

The pain associated with Lyme disease is no joke. It can be devastating. That’s why pain management is crucial.

To learn more about Lyme disease pain management, it’s vital first to understand the difference between acute and chronic pain. Knowing this can help you and your doctor create the best plan for treating your pain.

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Untreated Lyme Disease Why This Is Dangerous - Lyme Mexico Clinic

Untreated Lyme Disease: Why This Is Dangerous

When Lyme disease goes untreated, you could face long-term consequences. Lyme disease seems to be the most misdiagnosed, underestimated disease in America today, despite there being hundreds of thousands of new cases each year.

Even the Center for Disease Control agrees that the number of Lyme disease reported cases is likely low. The reason? Lyme disease is not a priority consideration during a doctor evaluation. Not because doctors are not capable, but because the symptoms can mimic so many other ailments. And if you do not currently have a tick on your body or a rash associated with a tick bite, family doctors tend to overlook the possibility of Lyme disease.

The doctors who test for Lyme right away are limited due to the dysfunctional tests available in America.

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Final Thought

What we’ve gathered here is a mixture of Lyme disease information – treatment, symptoms, facts  – that can help those affected better live their day to day. To add to this, it’s vital to point out the importance in finding a Lyme literate doctor.

Here are a few advantages you may not know:

  • Educated: When a doctor becomes literate in Lyme disease, they have taken steps to learn everything they can about the disease. They have taken special courses on Lyme when available. They have also attended conferences and have even become certified by societies like the International Lyme and Associated Diseases.
  • Connected: It is best to work with a doctor who is connected to other Lyme literate doctors and aren’t afraid to refer you to someone who has more knowledge or experience. This shows that their goal is to offer you the best possible treatment options, including ones that complement their protocols. If your doctor is Lyme literate, they will be a proponent of collaborative care. They will also have memberships and possible leadership roles in associations for Lyme disease.
  • Experienced: A Lyme literate doctor has treated many patients. They have created individualized treatment plans for each patient because they know every person is different and will have different symptoms. Lyme literate doctors can provide you with exact numbers of how many patients they have treated with Lyme diseases, the statistics of their patient outcomes, and can even give you references of patients they have helped.

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