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Let’s recap what we’ve learned about Lyme disease treatment in May, shall we?

As we come to the end of the month, we must look at all of our resources that can better support Lyme disease treatment. This means educating ourselves about the importance of Lyme Disease Awareness Month, the early signs to look for when diagnosing Lyme disease, the different alternative Lyme Disease Mexico treatments, the top 10 controversies that affect Lyme patients according to Dr. Morales, and Lyme disease and pregnancy.

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It's Lyme Disease Awareness Month, Why This Is Important - Lyme Mexico Clinic

It’s Lyme Disease Awareness Month, Why This Is Important

May has been assigned Lyme Disease Awareness Month!

Every May is filled with graduations, celebrations, and memorials. May is also known for awareness about topics that can be life-altering. One of the most critical campaigns is for Lyme Disease.

Because the weather is warmer and because ticks are active in warm weather, this is the perfect time to talk about Lyme disease.

Please help Lyme Mexico Clinic spread the word. Let’s start by telling people about the prevention of Lyme disease.

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Early Signs to Look for When Diagnosing Lyme Disease - Lyme Mexico

Early Signs to Look for When Diagnosing Lyme Disease

When a deer tick finds its way onto your body, it begins searching for a place on your skin to bite. Only, it doesn’t bite you. Instead, it scratches your skin and opens a space that will allow it to embed its head and feed on your blood.

While feeding, it transfers the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi from its body to your bloodstream. This bacterial infection is known as Lyme disease, which becomes worse the longer it stays in your system.

If you can recognize the early signs and symptoms of Lyme disease, you have a better chance of treating it before it spreads to all other areas of your body. You can do this by recognizing the early signs.

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Alternative Lyme Disease Mexico Treatments: An Overview - Lyme Mexico

Alternative Lyme Disease Mexico Treatments: An Overview

Traveling outside the United States for medical treatments is becoming more popular each year, with an estimated 1.4 million Americans and over 50 million people globally traveling for medical services.

One reason for seeking treatment in other countries is the higher standards placed on doctors by the Joint Commission International, requiring foreign accreditation standards that meet those of the United States.

In addition, foreign doctors, like the ones at Lyme Mexico Clinic, receive certifications and licensure that are comparable or exceed the requirements by the American Board of Medical Specialties. Advanced treatment for Lyme disease is limited in the United States. However, Lyme-literate specialists are willing to collaborate with American doctors during the maintenance phase.

Treating Lyme disease must start with finding the right doctor, a Lyme-literate doctor rather than a mainstream doctor, who often does not treat Lyme disease aggressively.

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Top 10 Medical Controversies That Affect Lyme Patients - Lyme Mexico

Top 10 Medical Controversies That Affect Lyme Patients

We encourage you to read this article and watch the video that expresses the top ten medical, social, and political challenges that Dr. Morales believes are the greatest disparities surrounding Lyme Disease.

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Lyme Disease and Pregnancy: What to Know - Lyme Mexico

Lyme Disease and Pregnancy: Everything You Need to Know

Now is the time to start spending more time outdoors. Even if you’re pregnant, you want to get out and enjoy the sun, go hiking, picnicking, and doing all the activities you love. Pregnancy should never hold you back from spending time outdoors.

One thing to note, however, is that ticks do not discriminate between pregnant and non-pregnant women. They search for a warm body that can supply them with food.

Because deer ticks live where there is grass, weeds, and brush, you have more chances of encountering them while outside. This also means you have more chances of contracting Lyme disease while pregnant.

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What we’ve gathered here is Lyme disease information – facts, tips, symptoms, and treatment  – that can help those affected better live their day to day. If you need more information or have any questions, please contact us here at Lyme Mexico Clinic!

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