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Let’s recap what we’ve learned about Lyme disease treatment in June, shall we?

As we come to the end of the month, we must look at all of our resources that can better support Lyme disease treatment. This means educating ourselves about the best ways to manage a herxheimer reaction due to Lyme disease treatments, to understanding more about the types of IV treatments available, and to lastly learning about regenerative therapy and how it is a beneficial treatment for Lyme patients to explore.

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Manage a Herxheimer Reaction During Lyme Treatment - Lyme Mexico

Managing a Herxheimer Reaction During Treatment

A diagnosis of Lyme disease can provide relief for some. Finally, your doctor has identified why you have symptoms like inflammation, aches, pains, and fatigue. Finally, you can begin a treatment plan to fight the disease.

The first treatment for Lyme disease often begins with strong antibiotics and herbal therapies. If these are not effective, a physician specializing in Lyme can recommend alternative therapies with proven track records.

With any new treatment geared to rid the body of toxins and bacteria, you can expect a reaction of some kind. After all, your body is adjusting to the elimination of harmful bacteria.

Rarely, some patients’ bodies react in a way that is temporary, but also very uncomfortable. These are called Herxheimer Reactions.

If you have been researching and studying Lyme disease, you may have read about Herxheimer Reactions already. If so, you have likely read that they present a variety of negative symptoms.

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The Types of IV Treatments for Lyme Disease - Lyme Mexico Clinic

Understanding the Types of IV Treatments

To heal from Lyme disease, your body will require medicine to rid your bloodstream of the bacteria B. burgdorferi, given to you by an infected deer tick.

Cleaning the bacteria from your blood is a tough job. Initially, doctors will prescribe antibiotic treatments for a minimum of two weeks. Many doctors agree that 21 to 28 days of antibiotic therapy is more helpful, especially when the antibiotics are given orally.

If your doctor wants to avoid oral medication and administer IV (Intravenous) treatment instead, do it. This preference is one sign that your doctor understands the urgency of more effective cleaning of your blood.

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Regenerative Therapy: Treatment for Lyme Patients - Lyme Mexico Clinic

Regenerative Therapy: Why It’s a Beneficial Treatment

In a study on regenerative therapy for conditions involving arthritis, 317 clinics were contacted. Out of the respondents, over 80% of the patients given regenerative treatments felt improved symptoms.

Arthritis and joint pain are significant symptoms of Lyme disease. It makes sense to offer regenerative therapy to those suffering from Lyme, especially those with chronic Lyme disease.

Let’s delve into regenerative therapy to get a better understanding of why it is a beneficial treatment.

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Final Thought

What we’ve gathered here is Lyme disease information – focused mainly on alternative treatments – that can help those affected stay aware and alert, if they indeed want to explore more options available to them. To add to this, it’s a good idea to be updated on the latest details on the development of a Lyme disease vaccine.

With the announcement of clinical studies currently being developed for the new generation of Lyme disease vaccines and the results currently in the way of being reported, it’s important to address some of the most noted controversies, misconceptions, and concerns revolving around this subject.

This program has been granted Fast Track designation by the FDA in July 2017, and involves major pharmaceutical companies, Pfizer & Valneva, with currently 800 candidates.

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