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If your child, parent, sibling, or other loved one suffered from a debilitating disease, was in pain, and could find no one to help them in the country, you would not give up. You would start searching for solutions outside the country. You would search for leading doctors with advanced techniques. You would book a ticket on the next flight to get your loved one to the specialist who can provide treatment that works.

Why not do the same for yourself?

Lyme disease is a big problem with few solutions in the United States. Even when it’s diagnosed early and treated with antibiotics, there are no guarantees. Testing is faulty, misdiagnoses occur frequently, and people are dealing with unnecessary suffering.

Dr. Omar Morales of Lyme Mexico Clinic is a leading specialist in treating Lyme disease. He is on the board of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society. Through research, he has contributed to the advancement of treating blood diseases like Lyme.

There are many benefits to traveling and receiving treatment at Lyme Disease Mexico Clinic.


Advanced Lyme Disease Mexico Treatments

Lyme Disease Mexico Clinic offers the most current treatment options, and they have the necessary equipment to perform the procedures on-site. Treatments with great success in treating Lyme disease include:

  • Therapeutic Apheresis, a blood exchange process in which your unhealthy blood or plasma, which is where Lyme infections manifest, is removed from your body while healthy, Lyme-free donor blood or plasma is put back into your body.
  • Hyperthermia, a controlled process of safely raising your body’s temperature to the degree that it activates your immune system to fight infection.
  • Red Cell Exchange, a method of diluting the percentage of pathogens in blood. Many patients notice a difference after the first or second treatment.
  • Immune modulation and Vaccine therapies assist your body in various forms. Some techniques help your body produce antibodies to fight infection, while others use your blood to create a vaccine that activates cells to kill Lyme bacteria.
  • Advanced Detox and Oxidative Therapies such as IV Homotoxicology and Chelation remove toxins and heavy metals from the body. Hydrogen and Glutathione treatments aid in reducing oxidative stress.

These are just a few of the treatments available at Lyme Mexico. You will receive an extensive assessment to determine which treatments are needed to address your Lyme disease symptoms. Part of the assessment will include advanced Lyme disease testing.


Advanced Lyme Disease Testing and Labs

Most primary physicians in America depend on blood work testing. However, the test used to diagnose Lyme disease is wrong more times than it is accurate. This happens because the tests only detect antibodies of Lyme disease. Antibodies shift between being active and inactive. If you take a Lyme disease test when they are dormant, your test results will come back as negative for Lyme disease.

Lyme Disease Mexico Clinic has advanced ways to test your blood for Lyme disease. One way is through advanced microscopy and live blood analysis. This method detects the presence of intra or extracellular bacterial infiltration of the processed sample.


Mexican National Research Institute Department of Infectious Diseases

The top research facility for advanced blood testing, which is needed to determine Lyme co-infections that may be present, is used. Because ticks can carry more than one disease, they may have also transmitted a secondary disease if they have transmitted Lyme.

Co-infections like Babesia, Anaplasma, Ehrlichia, Ricketsia, B. Burgdorferi, Afzelii and Garinii by PCR are tested. This allows Lyme Mexico Clinic to treat all infections simultaneously, so you don’t experience a relapse of symptoms.


Collaborative Care

Lyme Mexico Clinic understands you cannot come to Mexico for every issue related to your Lyme disease. That’s why we collaborate with Lyme-literate specialists in the United States to provide integrative care. For example, if you have symptoms related to gastrointestinal issues, we work with American gastrointestinal specialists.

We work as a team to address your whole health, not just one symptom at a time.


Make it a Treatment Vacation

If you have  Lyme disease, you deserve a vacation. Traveling to Puerto Vallarta to Lyme Mexico Clinic gives you the perfect opportunity. Whether you decide to stay a few days or a few weeks, you can enjoy relaxation in a beautiful town.

After a treatment, it’s important not to overstress your body. Stress causes inflammation, which you have just spent time and money eliminating. Rather than rushing back to the stressors of home, take time to let your body adjust to the effects of treatment.



When you think about costs, remember the time you have spent searching for answers. For some, it has been years of traveling from doctor to specialist and back to doctors, only to be misdiagnosed and mistreated.

This makes the cost of an airline ticket, lodging, and treatments worth it. Plus, Lyme Mexico provides extensive paperwork to support anyone who can get reimbursed for expenses by their insurance company.


More Than a Lyme Specialist

Lyme Mexico Clinic is the best in treating Lyme disease. However, Lyme is not the only infectious disease treated at the clinic. If you have multiple ailments, even ones that aren’t associated with Lyme, you may be able to receive treatment for both.

Other diseases treated at Lyme Mexico Clinic include memory loss, insomnia, narcolepsy, hypersomnolence, joint pain, muscle loss, appetite abnormalities, libido issues, cancer, neuropsychiatric disorders, and more.

The most important reason to travel to Lyme Mexico Clinic is that they make you a priority, which may not happen with your family doctor. They understand your symptoms and make it their goal to get you feeling better in the fastest amount of time. They are worth it, and so are you.

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