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Supplement Your Lyme Disease Treatment with a Detox Protocol

Lyme disease develops in your bloodstream following transmission of Borrelia burgdorferi, a bacterium, from an infected tick. This bacterium multiplies and spreads throughout the body. In response, the body produces an inflammatory response that can lead to physical and psychological symptoms. 

When you take antibiotics or other treatments for Lyme disease, the goal is to destroy the bacteria. A problem can arise during the destruction process. Bacteria contain endotoxins, which are harmless when outside the body. However, they can make a person sick if they remain in the bloodstream. 

Endotoxins are released as bacteria are destroyed and dissolved, but they are not always flushed out of the system. When toxins accumulate, your body’s reaction to endotoxin removal can be a herxheimer reaction. 

When eliminating Lyme bacteria, it is imperative also to eradicate the endotoxins properly and receive immediate relief from a herxheimer reaction if necessary. This can be done using one or more of the following: Epsom salt baths, Alka-Seltzer gold and liposomal glutathione, lemon water, parsley, Motrin, isoquercetin, olive leaf extract, and burbur. 

Then, you can begin implementing a Lyme disease detox protocol. 

What is a Lyme Disease Detox? 

A detox protocol removes toxins from your bloodstream and flushes them out of your system through organs such as your liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, skin, lungs, and intestines. Your body has a natural detox process that works. However, there are ways you can enhance the elimination of toxins more quickly and effectively.  

To detox during Lyme disease treatment, you can follow a specific diet or outline created by a Lyme-literate doctor. Your detox may include various methods, including infusions, vitamins, minerals, and a special diet. 

Lyme Disease Detox Steps 

There are essential steps to follow when utilizing a detox protocol. These steps help you meet your detox goals, like eliminating Lyme bacteria and endotoxins. Elimination is not the only goal, however. You also want to prevent bacteria from returning once the detox is complete. Another goal is to strengthen your immune system so it can protect you better. Below are the steps to follow. 

Stop Consuming Toxins  

You won’t be able to stop all toxins and metals from entering your system. Some are in the environment and are unavoidable. There are some you may be unknowingly consuming, though. Look in your home; are you using poisonous chemicals to clean? Are you eating foods that were grown using sprays and chemicals? Meat from animals that were given hormones and antibiotics? All these factors matter. 

Stop consuming toxins by eating and drinking only organic products. Stay away from alcohol during a detox. Use green cleaning supplies, and try to make choices that support clean living. 

Eliminate Toxins 

Lyme bacteria hide out in your bloodstream. Toxins are eliminated from the bloodstream through the liver. Therefore, you should focus on liver detoxification. Bacteria can be reabsorbed into the bloodstream for a person who doesn’t have regular bowel movements. This means the intestines are also in need of a detox. To promote bowel movements, add fiber and water to your diet. You can also work with a Lyme-literate doctor to include the following supplements: 

  • Glutathione supplements 
  • Methylation, which is required for glutathione treatments 
  • Pre and Pro Biotics 
  • Curcumin 
  • Multi-vitamins 
  • Vitamin C 
  • Chlorella 
  • Activated charcoal 
  • Burbur 
  • Pinella 
  • Apple cider vinegar 

Non-Invasive Procedures for Lyme Disease Detox 

Lyme disease procedures that aid in detox are harmless and can be done outpatient in the Lyme disease clinic. They typically only take a few hours from start to finish. 


If you have Lyme disease, it can be more difficult for your body to eliminate toxins and heavy metals. Chelation uses a claw-shaped agent that binds to positively charged metals and makes them inactive. This makes it easier for them to be flushed from the system. 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage 

Massage using rhythmical pressure helps drain tissues and specific places on the body. It enables the body to remove excess fluid and waste through urine. 

Coffee Enemas 

Coffee enemas encourage your body to produce glutathione, a powerful enzyme that can bind to toxins so they can be pushed out of the body. 

Bentonite Clay 

Take a bath or apply a mask of bentonite clay. It has a negative charge that can bind to the positive charge of toxins so they can be flushed from the system. 


When you exercise, your lymphatic system is stimulated, flushing excess fluids and toxins from your system. Exercise gets your heart rate up and blood circulating through the body and vital organs. It keeps them functioning properly so your natural detox processes can work better. 

Oil Pulling 

Oils absorb many different substances, including toxins and bacteria. Swishing oils in your mouth can draw out bacteria, which can be absorbed and then spit out. Coconut oil is recommended the most for this process. 

Dry Skin Brushing 

Dry skin brushing is a type of exfoliation. It removes dead skin hanging on, allowing your body to release toxins and maintain smooth, healthy skin. 

How to Start a Lyme Disease Detox Protocol 

It is not good to create your detox plan when treating Lyme disease. There are too many potential hazards, like becoming dehydrated. You may have an unknown allergy and have a reaction. You may also experience medication and supplement interactions if you take medicine for other conditions. 

Instead, choose a Lyme-literate doctor who can analyze your blood and consider your whole health to create the perfect detox protocol. They can develop a detox plan to eliminate co-infections common with Lyme disease. Plus, a licensed Lyme-literate doctor must perform the more advanced treatments with the most modern equipment in their office.  

There is no one-size-fits-all diet, vitamin, mineral, or procedure for supplementing your Lyme disease treatment with a detox protocol. You can start formulating your protocol by reaching out for help today. You deserve the gift of treatment that can help you live symptom-free and get you back to an active, happy life. 

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