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For years you have heard, “Science is exact,” or “You can’t argue with science.” Well, today, we know these statements are not necessarily correct. The most obvious example is the Coronavirus, which has shown us the virus, and even the vaccine, has different effects on every person.

Lyme disease is a less extreme example of how science, and how we treat diseases, is an evolving process rather than an exact, one-size-fits-all solution.

Before discussing how modern medicine impacts the treatment of Lyme disease, we must first understand its definition.


What is Modern Medicine?

Modern medicine is not defined by the name of a new drug or medical treatment. Instead, it is a process that involves assessment, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment planning, and evaluation. It can also include learning how to prevent diseases.

Modern medicine refers to the advancements that have been made in recent years that have improved treatments and extended lives successfully.

Modern medicine is sometimes confused with an alternative or new-age medicine. They are not the same, but both can be a positive component in providing medical care to patients in need.


Modern Medicine vs. Alternative Medicine

Modern medicine typically means treatments that can only be prescribed by a licensed medical physician. Alternative medicine can be provided by both a medical doctor and a licensed specialist in a specific area. For example, acupuncturists, massage therapists, hypnotherapists, and chiropractors are considered homeopathic and alternative.

Both modern and alternative medicines have benefits for patients, especially those who have Lyme disease. However, there have been significant advancements that offer faster, more effective treatment and, in some cases, elimination of Lyme disease.


Modern Medicine to Treat Lyme Disease

Aggressive treatments exist to treat Lyme disease that goes far beyond what a round of antibiotics can do to eliminate the bacteria infecting your blood. Antibiotics are used as a one-size-fits-all kind of treatment. You are given a standard dose and term set by the drug companies, not your doctor.

Furthermore, antibiotics only work when bacterial antibodies are active. Lyme bacteria are smart and can hide within your blood cells and lining, going undetected by antibiotics. Because your family doctor can’t tell when the antibodies are active, they can’t know when to give you the antibiotics.

Lyme literate doctors can, though. With modern medicine Lyme treatment, you don’t need to worry when the antibodies will be out of hiding like the ones listed below. One of the new therapies is called Apheresis.

Blood and Plasma Apheresis

Therapeutic Apheresis involves removing, cleaning, and replacing blood, plasma, or both. Lyme literate specialists have specific equipment to perform these procedures that are non-invasive and can be done in their clinic.

The idea behind Apheresis is to take out infected blood and insert healthy blood. Doctors usually replace your blood with healthy blood that has been donated and tested. However, they can also remove your blood, clean it, and replace it using their equipment.


Heat has been the body’s way of eliminating infections forever. When your body has a fever, it is working hard to fight the foreign substance in your system. Hyperthermia takes advantage of your body’s natural fever eliminating processes.

Your doctor will slowly increase your body’s temperature until it reaches a degree that can adequately fight the Lyme infection in your blood. The process allows your body’s immune system to do its job. When finished, your doctor will slowly reduce your internal temperature safely.


Lyme Disease Protocols

Several modern medicine protocols have impacted Lyme disease treatment. For example, biofilm eradication protocol helps fight those bacteria antibodies that have become resistant to antibiotic treatments by getting rid of the biofilms that form armor around the antibodies.

Anti-viral protocols help treat viruses that may also be present and prevent standard Lyme disease treatments from working. The PANDAS protocol is used to boost your immune system, treat infections, remove trigger factors such as toxins, and lower internal stressors.

Additionally, your doctor may choose to use a Morgellons protocol, as well as supplements, IV antibiotics therapy, and nutraceuticals.

The modern treatments listed here are just a few of many available to you.

The best part of working with a Lyme specialist is that you will receive a treatment plan based only on your needs. An extensive evaluation will help you, and your doctor develops an effective strategy to overcome Lyme and any other co-infections existing in your system.

This is why finding the right modern medicinal provider is essential for successful Lyme disease treatment.


Find Your Modern Medicine Treatment Provider

If you have Lyme disease, you deserve the best, most modern treatments to ease your symptoms. Knowing that you do not have to suffer any longer should be a great motivator in finding the right practitioner.

Don’t limit yourself to your local family physician who is great but has limited knowledge of Lyme disease. Start looking for a Lyme literate doctor, a specialist who has spent years researching and learning everything about Lyme disease, including the advancements in diagnosis and treatment.

If your loved one had cancer and the only doctor that could help them was thousands of miles away, you would advise them to meet with that doctor anyway. You would probably even drive them to meet that doctor if you could.

Your disease deserves the same attitude of aggressiveness and caring. Go wherever you need to go to get the right treatment. This may even mean traveling outside the country for help. Research and locate the top, most recognized facilities in the world noted for treating Lyme disease, and contact them.

Many out-of-country Lyme specialists work with American physicians to provide collaborative care. Meaning, after your initial treatment, you can receive maintenance care in the United States with doctors who can meet your comprehensive medical needs.

At a minimum, make a call to the facility of your choice, even if it is in a neighboring country. Ask questions, get answers, and start your journey to a life free of Lyme disease symptoms.

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