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There are specific strategies for patients and families to utilize when coping with Lyme disease. Unless you are receiving treatment from a Lyme-literate doctor, you may not know the many ways to help you and your family deal with the highs and lows of Lyme disease. With advances in care, you can cope with Lyme disease and overcome it.


Having Lyme disease can feel overwhelming and frustrating. An estimated 476,000 new cases of Lyme disease occur each year in America. Transmitted by the deer tick, the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria spread throughout the body, causing painful symptoms. Some may find it hard to cope with Lyme disease, and families may not know how to help their loved ones.

This article offers strategies for patients and families to cope with Lyme disease, including finding the right doctor, alternative therapies, education, peer support, and lifestyle changes.

Find the Right Doctor for Lyme Disease

One of the best coping strategies for patients with Lyme disease and their families is to seek treatment from the right doctor, a Lyme-literate doctor. Lyme disease is a condition that can drastically alter your life. Therefore, seek a specialist with specific training and experience.

Lyme-literate doctors offer many benefits when it comes to treating Lyme disease, including the following:

  • Accurate diagnosis using advanced testing methods
  • Testing for coinfections that often accompany Lyme disease
  • Collaboration with leading laboratories to examine your blood
  • Non-invasive onsite medical procedures to alleviate symptoms
  • Advanced equipment for performing alternative therapies

Finding the right Lyme disease doctor means being open-minded and willing to travel outside the United States and Canada. Many people waste precious time and money jumping from one specialist to another, hoping they will figure out how to help you. It can take years to get to the right doctor. By then, your mild symptoms are severe, and functioning is at an all-time low.

You deserve to work with a renowned infectious disease specialist, like at Lyme Mexico, who can help you cope with and overcome Lyme disease.

Seek Effective Alternative Therapies for Lyme Disease

You may be under the assumption that antibiotics are the only treatment for Lyme disease. This is not true. Many alternative therapies offer relief from your painful symptoms, boost your natural immune system, and help your body get healthy so it can fight infections.

Examples of effective alternative therapies for Lyme disease include therapeutic apheresis or the exchange of infected blood for healthy, donated blood. Other treatments include:

A Lyme-literate doctor will perform a comprehensive evaluation, including your medical history and that of your family members. The information gathered will help the doctor create a treatment plan that benefits you the most.


Coping with Lyme Disease: Strategies for Patients and Families - Lyme Mexico


Continue Seeking Education About Lyme Disease

Knowledge is power; the more you know about Lyme disease, the better you and your family will be equipped to fight it. Numerous resources have accurate information on Lyme disease, recent research, study results, and the latest treatment options.

Start by visiting these online links to Lyme disease associations, organizations, videos, expert interviews, and support groups. The International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society. Lyme Disease Association, Lyme Parents Group, and the Lyme Disease Resource Group. You can connect with peers through online support groups and learn about alternative therapies.

Research the effectiveness of Lyme disease tests and alternative testing methods. Also, learn the various lifestyle changes to improve Lyme symptoms.

Understand Mental Health and Lyme Disease

Lyme disease affects all body parts, including the brain and nervous system. Therefore, it can affect your mental health. General practitioners who have not made the connection between your symptoms and Lyme disease may prescribe medication only to treat your symptoms, not address the root cause. With mental health symptoms, they will likely prescribe anti-anxiety medicines.

The medicine may alleviate your symptoms, but for some, relief is temporary. For others, they do not find relief. They report having brain fog, fatigue, anger, sleep disturbances, and an inability to concentrate or make decisions. Some find it hard to form sentences. Mental health problems associated with Lyme disease include the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Paranoia
  • Dementia
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Panic attacks
  • Eating disorders
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorders

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, consult a Lyme-literate doctor to see if your symptoms are due to Lyme disease. 

Lifestyle Changes for Lyme Disease

Lyme disease causes inflammation throughout the body. There are things you can do to reduce inflammation while getting treatment. Lyme-literate doctors utilize the power of detox protocols, supplements, and lifestyle changes. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that people with chronic diseases, like Lyme disease, should participate in between 150 and 300 minutes of exercise weekly. While your symptoms may make you feel like exercise is not a good idea, you will notice even small changes can lead to feeling better.

Other helpful lifestyle changes you and your family can do together include:

  • Making self-care a priority
  • Managing stress
  • Saying “no” more often
  • Practicing mindfulness
  • Eating healthier
  • Drinking more water
  • Getting quality sleep
  • Avoiding cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs

You don’t have to make all the lifestyle changes at once. Start slow and take them one by one. Lyme disease has a way of making people want to isolate and avoid social interactions. However, it is crucial to continue to seek support from friends and family. 

Learn More About Coping with Lyme Disease

Whether you have been diagnosed with Lyme disease or are trying to figure out the source of your symptoms, help is available. Make working with a Lyme-literate doctor a priority. They can adequately diagnose Lyme and any other rare and infectious diseases. They can administer onsite alternative treatments to eliminate Lyme and other diseases. 

Lyme-literate doctors collaborate with other doctors and therapists and support team members to meet your needs, including education, counseling, and more.

Consider traveling outside the United States, Canada, and the UK to Mexico to meet with a top clinic, Lyme Mexico. Learn more about coping with Lyme disease or schedule an evaluation. We can discuss your symptoms and the alternative treatment options that work.


Coping with Lyme Disease: Strategies for Patients and Families - Lyme Mexico


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