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Traveling outside the United States for medical treatments is becoming more popular each year, with an estimated 1.4 million Americans and over 50 million people globally traveling for medical services.

One reason for seeking treatment in other countries is the higher standards placed on doctors by the Joint Commission International, requiring foreign accreditation standards that meet those of the United States.

In addition, foreign doctors, like the ones at Lyme Mexico Clinic, receive certifications and licensure that are comparable or exceed the requirements by the American Board of Medical Specialties. Advanced treatment for Lyme disease is limited in the United States. However, Lyme-literate specialists are willing to collaborate with American doctors during the maintenance phase.

Treating Lyme disease must start with finding the right doctor, a Lyme-literate doctor rather than a mainstream doctor, who often does not treat Lyme disease aggressively.


Mainstream vs. Lyme-literate Doctor

Mainstream doctors like family practitioners typically depend on test results and blood work to establish a diagnosis. This is great except when it comes to Lyme disease. The only two tests available for Lyme disease are unreliable.

Lyme-literate doctors determine a diagnosis based on your symptoms and create extensive records on your physical and mental health.

Not all mainstream doctors agree on how, or if, Lyme disease should be treated. If they decide the treatment is necessary, a round of antibiotics is their only line of defense against Lyme disease.

Lyme-literate doctors offer modern treatments using state-of-the-art equipment to provide quick relief from the painful symptoms associated with Lyme disease. They know Lyme disease is real and that it can be devastating.

Infectious disease specialists treating Lyme disease can offer supplemental treatments that target parts of the body for healing. Examples include adrenal support, neuropsychiatric disorders, cognition and memory aids, bone marrow abnormalities, and hydro colon therapy.

Below are details about specific alternative Lyme disease Mexico treatments.


1. Therapeutic Apheresis

Eliminating Lyme disease requires aggressive treatments that fight the infection where it lives, in your blood. Therapeutic apheresis is performed on your blood, as well as your plasma. This treatment process involves removing infected, unhealthy blood and replacing it with new, infection-free blood.

Blood is typically received from a donor. Otherwise, your blood would have to go through an extra step of cleaning.


2. Hyperthermia

Hyperthermia is the process in which a Lyme-literate specialist will create an artificial fever response. Fever is the body’s natural way to activate the immune system to fight bacterial infections, like those associated with Lyme disease.

Your fever is controlled and can be lowered immediately after the benefits to your immune system are delivered.


3. Oxidative Medicine

When bacteria come in contact with ozone, a change happens with their chemical structure, making the bacteria weaker and less malignant. The more bacteria are exposed to ozone, the less toxic it becomes, and eventually, it is destroyed. This is the process of oxidative medicine.


4. Biofilm Eradication Protocol

There is a unique method of treating Lyme disease with a biofilm eradication protocol that is innovative and has shown great success. You may not know this, but Lyme bacteria can hide behind biofilms within your bloodstream. Biofilms are like protective barriers, preventing antibiotics and other medicines from doing their job of attacking and eliminating the disease.


5. Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells are like chameleons; they can adapt into many new forms, including healthy cells within the body. For Lyme disease treatment, stem cells are transplanted into your body. They move to the damaged cells within your body and start repairing and healing.

There are many varieties of stem cell treatments available. With the help of your Lyme specialist, you will find the best one that will eliminate your symptoms.

The treatments above are just a few examples of therapies offered in Lyme disease clinics.


Additional Treatment Options

You and your doctor will create a treatment plan based on an extensive evaluation to determine the severity of your symptoms, medical history, and previous treatment history. Your specific program will be tailored to your needs and may include treatments like the ones listed above.

It may also include intravenous vitamin or antibiotic therapy, antioxidant protocols, nutraceuticals, detox, and anti-viral methods. Lyme-literate doctors can also create specialized pain management plans to ease your symptoms until you complete treatment and no longer need pain management.

All Lyme disease Mexico treatments are beneficial.


Benefits of Alternative Lyme Disease Treatments

There are obvious benefits to using alternative treatments for Lyme disease. There is evidence showing their effectiveness, they can be administered on an outpatient basis and in just a few hours, and they are non-invasive.

Some not-so-obvious benefits are that alternative treatments also eliminate co-infections that may be hiding in your bloodstream. Because ticks can carry multiple diseases, they can transfer all of them to you. Like the ones at Lyme Disease Mexico, Lyme-literate doctors test and treat co-infections that can cause similar symptoms to Lyme disease.

Alternative treatments can work in any stage of Lyme disease. Sure, the sooner you are diagnosed with Lyme, the easier it may be to eliminate it. But, even those in the later stages of chronic Lyme disease can benefit from advanced treatments.


Getting Alternative Lyme Disease Mexico Treatments

You can start today searching for the right doctor who can provide the best alternative treatments for your Lyme disease.

Avoid limiting your search to the United States. Seek the best treatment provider, not the closest. Top specialists have established Lyme disease clinics in Mexico. Your first appointment can be a phone call to discuss your symptoms and how Lyme Mexico Treatments can help.

In the initial phone call, you can discuss costs, traveling, credentials, types, lengths of treatments, and anything else you feel necessary in obtaining the best medical assistance.

Choosing a clinic like Lyme Mexico means all the services you receive happen at one location, in a state-of-the-art facility, lead by top Lyme-literate doctors. They are ready to start helping you today.

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