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Av Los Tules 140
Col. Díaz Ordaz, 48310
Puerto Vallarta, Jal., Mexico

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Omar Morales, MD

Omar Morales, MD

Founder of Lyme Disease Mexico

Dr. Morales developed a special interest in treating tropical diseases with a hematological approach while living in Puerto Vallarta. While dealing with a challenging case of severe Babesia and other co-infections, Dr. Morales was able to utilize his transfusion medicine background and blood bank resources to implement a novel way of treating this particular patient. Red cell exchanges proved to be a successful way of eradicating Babesia. This led Dr. Morales to continue learning and advancing intricate protocols to address Lyme Disease and other co-infections. Dr. Morales continues to be an active researcher of the renowned Biomedical Center de Occidente as well as contributing to publications (both international and national). He strongly believes that with effective medical research and analysis, eventually the majority of the healthcare community will agree that to undertake as big of a challenge as Lyme Disease, a multidisciplinary and integrative approach is the only way.


Biofilm Eradication
IV Therapy
Stem Cell Therapy
IV Antibiotics
Oral Antibiotics
Oral Supplement/Herbs & Nutraceuticals
Peptide Therapy
Neural Therapy
Immune Modulation
Oral Methylene Blue
Body Purification
Oxidative Therapy
Anti-Fungal Therapy


Catheter Placement
Culture Analysis
Microscopy Analysis
Pain Management
Withdrawal Rehabilitation
Nutrition Program
Quantum Medicine
Critical Care Coverage
Parasite Inactivation

Conditions We Address:

Lyme Disease
Blood Parasites
Peripheral Neuropathy
Neuroendocrine Damage
Adrenal Failure
Methylation Issues
Cognition & Memory Difficulty
Narcolepsy or Hypersomnolence
Intra-Spinal and Joint Pain
Muscle Loss and Weakness
Appetite Abnormalities
Anorgasmia or Libido Associated Issues
Chronic Fatigue
Neuropsychiatric Disorders
Methemoglobinemia from Antibiotic Use
Bone Marrow Abnormalities or Infiltrative Disease
Bladder Dynsfunction
Digestive/Gut Disorders
Mold Exposure

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